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The Big “M” Casino

The Big “M” Casino

South Carolina’s ONLY Casino offering two luxury yachts paying out an average of $336,000 a week. Get in on the Winning! Always Double Slot points for CASH BACK.

Enjoy the sites, party in style, and win BIG MONEY aboard South Carolina’s only gambling cruises!​

Little River is just minutes from Myrtle Beach. A quick day trip from Columbia or Charleston, SC or Charlotte, NC. Both of our casino boats sail year round.

Once on board, you’ll get to test your skills and luck with table games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Let It Ride, 3 Card Poker, and Texas Hold’em Poker. Or sit at our slot .. Source: The Big “M” Casino

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover

We are Delaware’s leading luxury casino hotel and offers the area’s largest variety of entertainment options including live harness racing, fabulous dining options ranging from deli to gourmet, a AAA rated four diamond hotel, exciting concerts, 24 hour gaming including live table games, unique shopping and a luxurious spa!

Book a Room!

Come Play!®

We feature a variety of exciting activities, from world-class action sports to the latest gaming sensations and daily poker tournaments. Witness exciting live harness racing from November through April or check out the world’s best thoroughbred races from our simulcast facilities. Our purses attract the sport’s most prestigious horses and drivers from well beyond the mid-Atlantic region.

Source: Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover

The Russian Supreme Court blocks websites on the online game

The Russian Supreme Court blocks websites on the online game

Hard times for online poker lovers and virtual casino games: sites will be blocked.

Economic prosperity in Russia has begun to spread when the state has decided to remove some severe trade controls. This, however, obviously does not apply to all economic sectors, given that the government has decided that gambling, online and terrestrial, is an activity to be limited to so-called ‘brick and mortar’ casinos, ie physical ones .

Already since 2009, the Russian authorities have begun a real anti-gambling crusade, dismantling thousands of pseudo-casinos and ‘illegal’ poker rooms, some even in the heart of Moscow‘s center. Then came a decree prohibiting activity at online gambling sites by delegating to the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) the responsibility to deny access to such sites.

Now the Russian Supreme Court has also come. A recent ruling had broached the heads of an ISP company, located near the borders with Estonia, who refused to follow the anti-gambling online decree. But the Supreme Court overturned the outcome, stating that the ISP should have blocked that gambling site, now over in the blacklist of government, which includes more than 1,500 addresses.

The Russian Supreme Court ruling is a further threat to the “rebels” Internet Service Providers who could lose their license if they refused to block the blacklisted domains. The Supreme Court has even extended the concept, which now also includes “disclosure of information related to gambling activities,” which makes it “necessary to disconnect also those sites that contain only information about online gambling online”.

It seems, however, that in the end the Russian government will give something to online poker lovers and virtual gambling in general. There is, in fact, a kind of state-run online casino , run by a staff that would respond directly to the government itself. It will not be like having the wide choice we have for example in Italy, but it is still better than nothing.

The .com game sites

Russia is not the only country that has to deal with the game considered illegal. Generally called ‘.com’ rooms are scattered a little around the world and some persist in Italy, despite the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies have created a blacklist, a black list where these sites are located and blocked Gambling online.

But how is this kind of salt so successful? Mainly because they are not subject to national regulations and their taxation, these online casinos (and the online poker room) can afford to offer better terms to players.

Lottomatica: Won 80,000 Jackpot at a Slot!

Lottomatica: Won 80,000 Jackpot at a Slot!

Last week, in Arezzo, a lucky slot player took home the national jackpot.

The so-slammed slot machine , which has been in the past few weeks in support of numerous attacks by institutions and media (and even by Luigi Magistro, Director of the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies), has been making positive news this time. On Tuesday, December 11, a customer of the Flamingo Hall in Via Fleming, in Arezzo, won the national jackpot of 80,000 euros thanks to a Lottomatica slot.

Of course, the man was astonished at winning, so much to remain for a few moments. Then, having realized the truthfulness of the ticket released by the slot machine, joy broke out throughout the room, which almost stopped (it was three in the afternoon) to congratulate the winner. The 80,000 euro jackpot is due to the fact that progressive jackpots are networked nationwide, so their jackpot increases whenever a player makes a bet at one of the slots in the area.

A good news for man, but also for Lottomatica, who can celebrate the recent introduction of online slot machines. There are also games in the Lottomatica casino, the Vegas Club, for more than 20, each with its own theme, its own payment lines and its rollers. To try them just download the online casino software, open a gaming account and choose the slot machine from the menu.

Here is the complete list of Lottomatica online slots:

Sherlock Holmes – The Wild Life
– Plants vs Zombies – Roman Empire
– Job Job – Irish Magic
– Fortunes of Egypt – Book of the Sphinx
– Money Miner – Mystic Fortune
– Treasure Quest – Formula X
– Crazy Wizard – Maya Gold
– Knights of Glory – Treasures of the Pyramids
– Lost City – Hell Bells
– Fire Burner – Hot Cash

Will online slots compete with those on land?

Now that you’ve been introduced, the most popular question about online slots is: Will these games reduce the revenue of casino casinos slots and above all those placed in many Italian business? To have an answer we should probably wait a few months, but it’s fair to think that a slice of “meat and bone” slots can be “eaten” from virtual ones.

On the other hand, all over the world (in countries where it is legal to play, but where it is not), online slot machines are by far the most popular game, the one that contributes most to the profits of virtual gambling halls. The sensation is that this trend can be respected even in Italy once this market segment is consolidated.

Games on Facebook: 888 Casino will be the first

Games on Facebook: 888 Casino will be the first

Agreement between 888 Casinos and Facebook, which is also preparing to host real-money games.

Casino Games on Facebook : You Can Do It. The most famous and used social network on the planet has in fact reached an agreement with 888 Casinos, which will become the first gambling operator to set foot in the creature of Mark Zuckerberg.

The 888 Casino Casino is one of the best online gaming casinos in the Casinos industry and the deal with Facebook makes short the game landing, as has already happened with the agreement with Zynga , one of the most well-known web based gaming platforms.

According to the rumors of the corridors , even Pokerstars should have been part of the agreement, but until now there is no denial or no official confirmation. If Pokerstars decides to enter Facebook, it would definitely be a very exciting challenge with Zynga Poke r.

888 Casinos handlers, on the other hand, announced the agreement, at the same time as the social networking platform, with a release that only concerns the English market where the real-money gaming platform will initially launch roulette , BlackJack and the main casino games. No new, at this time, Poker, where Zynga also offers its version of Texas Hold’em .

After Online Bingo, 888 Casino is the second operator to join the social network and declares that they want to offer a complete gaming platform with a rich portfolio of titles and many and rich bonuses.

The Facebook freemium offers, the so-called play for fun, fun game (but with the ability to buy real money in the game, or levels to unlock and anything else), have come up and continue to pick up a remarkable success , So choosing to offer real money games was actually just a matter of time.

For the Italian market, real-time online slots are available at the moment, while the 888 Casino Casinos playground is still long and the AAMS Online Casinos , which are legal online casinos and licensed to gamble Of the State Monopolies, for now they will only be able to place ads on the social network in the appropriate spaces.

Facebook: Just open to casino games?

If the 888 experiment on the English market is successful, it is reasonable to expect the proliferation of casino games on Facebook even in other countries. But the question is another: in doing so, it is not likely to encourage compulsive gambling and especially child play, since many minors are enrolled on this social network, where in any case lying on their real age is not difficult?

An app to cheat the slots: two Chinese arrested

An app to cheat the slots: two Chinese arrested

It happened in Alba, where a couple of scammers used an iPhone application that interfered with the machines.

That today’s smartphones are able to do virtually anything that is now known. But that they were ‘useful’ even to organize and perpetrate a real scam, frankly we lacked it.

Yet it really happened in that of Alba, where two Chinese were arrested for having stolen a slot machine from a tobacco bar. As? Thanks to an application contained in their iPhone.

We are in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont, when about a week ago, two Chinese people in the trentina peek at a tobacconist’s bar and headed off to the so-called ‘machinette’ area.

It takes a few minutes, and the two orientals manage to win over 500 euros. Things that can happen, the business owner thinks, but he begins to feel suspicious when he realizes that the winnings do not seem to surprise the two fans at all.

At that point, man decides to call the carabinieri, who intervene promptly. The two Chinese, who might have eaten the leaf, decided to move away, but law enforcement officers could intercept them before they fled their car.

Through the search for rite, the carabinieri find three iPhones in which a Chinese application was installed that could interfere with slot software.

The complaint was taken immediately, as well as the sequestration of the latest generation of mobile phones and the search of the hotel room where the two scammers, residing in Reggio Emilia, stayed.

Here, law enforcement agencies have found a stolen credit card, false banknotes and a safe deposit box with about 8,000 euros in small bills, presumably the booty of other shots hit by the Chinese.

The couple of malfatters will now be accused of receiving, holding false banknotes and of course telematic fraud. Investigators have already begun investigations to trace other fraudulent commercial businesses. In the hope that there are not many.

Look at the scams

If you are a trader and in your business you have installed gaming machines, the advice is to pay particular attention to attempted theft or fraud. This kind of games, in fact, is a fairly easy target for criminals who might decide to break into the room, sure they will likely find a good booty inside the machines.

Bellagio, Baraonda at Blackjack Tables

Bellagio, Baraonda at Blackjack Tables

Other than Christmas Climate: Las Vegas’s famous casino, two dealers are given a holy reason

How to turn a dispute into a real fight. In the beard of the Christmas spirit, two Bellagio blackjack tables dealers, one of Las Vegas’s most famous Las Vegas casinos, have argued in a very animated way. So much so that one is finished in the hospital, and the other behind the bars. Unfortunately, the details of the story are not very accurate, especially with regard to the real motives of the dispute.

What we know is that one of the two dealers had to resort to hospital care, as the other had left several cuts on his face, getting them with a knife. Probably at this point you are imagining two energies, but in reality the two dealers are just as middle-aged women. Brenda Stokes, played fifty years ago, was arrested with several charges: theft in the apartment, detention and potentially deadly weaponry.

Witnesses reported that the rally started around 22nd of December, 21st, at the Bellagio blackjack tables near The Baccarat Bar. This casual casino is best known for its very rigid measures and its level of clientele ; Not exactly the typical Strip casino where you could expect a stabbing, in short. But since the show has to go on , less than an hour after the crash, blackjack tables have been reopened.

The name of the victim has not been disclosed, although we know it was transported to the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to receive all the necessary care. The police did not reveal the exact conformation of the weapon used, stating only that they had confiscated a “sharp blade” at Stokes at the time of his arrest.

The incident is the second episode of violence in a Las Vegas casino in the last ten days. At the beginning of last week, an assassination suicide was committed at Excalibur: Edward Brandt of Lake Forest, Illinois, fired a shotgun Jessica Kenny in the Excalibur lobby where the woman worked as a concierge , Before taking away the life with the same weapon.

Nervi thinks in Las Vegas

Probably even though in Las Vegas such episodes have never been missed, Sin City has a nervousness due to the fact that in recent years the casino market is no longer as floral as in the past. It is no coincidence that Macau has surpassed Nevada as the pole of global gambling: the former Portuguese colony is now the preferred target of high rollers. This trend, which, according to analysts, should be confirmed in the coming years.

Slot App for Android: Best Casino Slot is the Best

Slot App for Android: Best Casino Slot is the Best

The world of apps dedicated to online casinos is enriched with a nice and sparkling title.

Best Casino Slot is the latest app for Android devices specifically designed for online casino lovers.

An application developed by Diwip, already known for the social game Best Casino on Facebook, which is nothing more than a version of portable devices of the slots already on the title that has long run on the well-known social network of Mark Zuckerberg.

A game that naturally does not bet anything except hours of fun.

Best Casino Slot provides Android users with numerous slot games, including the Caribbean Vacation, Wild West and Tikal Treasures, to name a few of the best.

Caribbean Vacation is a tropical theme slot that catapults the player on a gorgeous island made of drinks, boat trips and absolute relaxation.

Wild West is a beautiful graphic adventure in Old West, where gold hunting was on the agenda.

Tikal Treasures is a slot game with two very special bonuses, where you can collect precious gems.

As mentioned, there are no cash prizes, as there is currently no real money mode.

However, fun is guaranteed because all the other peculiarities of online casino slots are also free: free spins, round bonuses and even progressive jackpots.

In Best Casino Slots, you can also participate in special events, win bonus tokens every four hours and get a daily bonus.

Slots are also provided for rankings to track the results and challenge their friends to those who get the most winning combinations.

Best Casino Slot is a free application that can be downloaded directly from Google Play.

Diwip is a team of developers who have only recently faced the social networking and mobile platforms scene but has already met critics and audiences.

The future of casinos is on mobile devices

It is no coincidence that recently, several online casino games apps have been developed. According to many experts, operators in the coming years will work hard on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, developing versions of their clients that can be used by any type of portable device.

Real money gaming on mobile devices, analysts believe, in the future will represent an ever larger market slice.Logically, the first operators entering this market niche will enjoy a competitive edge that will be decisive in the early days. Running on portable devices for online casino gaming operators has already begun.

Sweden: Arriving a New Law on the Game

Sweden: Arriving a New Law on the Game

Scandinavian country scramble, hunting illegal gambling operators.

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt last week announced his will to amend the gambling law after reading the National Audit Office‘s report released last June 2017.

The government action plan should be announced by the first half of this year, and the new regulation should enter into force officially in mid-2017.

The main reason for future changes lies in a particular passage of the report above: “Increased pathological gambling identified among certain groups of players”. According to the National Audit Office, the biggest problem is the proliferation of unauthorized providers, which would contribute decisively to the rise in compulsive gambling in Sweden.

Moreover, it seems that the Swedish Government is not satisfied with the current regulatory system, which would not provide adequate protection to the weaker social strata. The report shows the example of Svenska Spel, a state-owned subsidiary (one of the few authorized in the country) that offers sports, bingo, poker and casinos online and live betting.

Svenska Spel can only accept Swedish players, players are required to indicate a daily spending budget and a maximum number of hours they can play.

Despite these restrictions (and despite the ease of access of Swedish players to licensed sites), the poker room has maintained a good base of players similar to Ongame and Bodog‘s networks, and even more full of many other domestic poker rooms , Such as and

Yet, in the report of the National Audit Office, Svenska Spel has been harshly criticized for the inability to balance its commercial success and its “social conscience”: “Svenska Spel currently does not sufficiently account for the risks associated with the game Pathological gambling “.

The report therefore recommends the implementation of certain measures to ensure that Svenska Spel offers a safe and legal alternative to illegal gambling, while ensuring that its marketing system does not encourage the problems of compulsive gambling .

How to counter the illegal market?

Even in Sweden, as well as in many other countries that have adopted a licensing system, everything is reduced to preventing players from turning to the illegal market, where no controls exist and where it is easier for them to fall into the Risks of compulsive gambling. But what are the reasons why players prefer licensed rooms? First of all, this is a tax incentive: since operators do not have to pay taxes, they can guarantee higher premiums (and therefore higher payouts for players).

The Game in the Library: The 10 Best Books on Blackjack

The Game in the Library: The 10 Best Books on Blackjack

If you want to discover all the secrets of this casino game, you can start by reading these volumes.

Along with roulette, blackjack is undoubtedly the symbol of casino games. Easy to learn, but very complex to master, blackjack has always been the object of study: is there a foolproof method to win, or at least to increase the chances of winning? What is card counting and how can you put it into practice? These and other questions will be answered by the books in this ranking: in our opinion this is the best books on blackjack in circulation.

1 – The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

The title of the book may sound a bit pretentious, but that is not the case. Written by Lance Humble and Carl Cooper, it’s also a good volume for beginners because it’s rich in basic information and very simple descriptions to understand. Rules, chances, strategies, card counting: you find us virtually everything.

2 – Bootlegger’s 200 Proof Blackjack

Written by Mike Turner, it is a book that analyzes blackjack from A to Z. Also suitable for beginners, the author has wanted to address this volume especially to players who already have a decent experience.

3 – Basic Blackjack

Stanford Wong has made an all-encompassing guide to the basic strategy of blackjack and the most popular variants. This is a great book for the newcomers of the game, written by one of the most famous blackjack players and scholars.

4 – Best Blackjack

Like Bootlegger’s 200 Proof Blackjack, this book by Frank Sclobete is designed for those who want to get close to this beautiful casino game for the first time. Here’s also a section on card counting.

5 – Winning Blackjack For The Serious Player

Edwin Silberstang offers a great introduction to the game, covering more than satisfying all the card counting elements one of the hubs for all the most advanced gaming strategies.

6 – Fundamentals of 21

Mason Malmuth & Lynne Loomis have created a well-written and well-structured base volume, which also covers the counting system known as Hi-Lo. If Malmuth’s name is not new it is because he is also author of poker books.

7 – Beat the Dealer

By Edward Thorp, this book is a masterpiece of blackjack theory. He was the first to publicly disclose the card counting system. Thorp’s work has literally ripped the skin to Las Vegas casinos, making blackjack one of the most popular games in the world. Simply unmissable, albeit a bit old-fashioned.

8 – Professional Blackjack

Written by Stanford Wong, is another great classic written by another great author and theoretician. If you are looking for the best book to learn Hi-Lo card counting strategy, you may not have it.

9 – Blackjack for Blood

Bryce Carlson is a big stake player who has developed methods and systems to beat casinos. In this volume we talk about the card counting system called Omega II.

10 – Modern Blackjack – An Illustrated Guide to Blackjack Advantage Play

This is a free ebook, written by Norm Wattenberger. Worth to be read, even just because it provides a lot of useful information, but without even spending a penny.

The City of Taormina in Pressing for a Casino

The City of Taormina in Pressing for a Casino

Requesting a meeting with the Interior Minister to find out whether the Sicilian Special Statute could authorize the opening of the first South Italy casino.

While most of the country looks at the current government as a less useful garrison of (former) technicians only to ferry Italy to the upcoming elections, the city of Taormina hopes to be able to get a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Inside Anna Maria Cancellieri to discuss the opening of the first true casino in southern Italy.

Appealing to Article 31 of the Special Statute of the Region of Sicily – an article that regulates the maintenance of public order and which reads verbatim:

To maintain public order, the Regional President provides the police with the State Police, who is disciplined in the Region for use and use by the regional government. The President of the region may ask for the use of the state’s armed forces.

However, the Government of the State may assume the direction of public security services at the request of the regional government, jointly with the President of the Assembly, and, in exceptional cases, on its own initiative, when the general interest of the State and its safety.

The President also has the right to propose, with a reasoned request to the Central Government, the removal or transfer outside the Island of Police Officers.

The regional government may organize special police administration bodies for the protection of particular services and interests.

The City of Taormina, together with the ANIT (National Association for Tourism Promotion), have in fact decided to make an official request to the Interior Ministry to obtain the right to open a playroom that is believed to be able to help a lot Significant local tourist sector.

In an attempt to counteract a crisis that has been felt with a sharp drop in attendance during the Christmas period, according to the Sicilian newspaper, the authorities of Taormina would therefore intend to try the way of a gaming hall similar to Bagni di Lucca In order to end the “cultural exception” that over the years has led the North of the country to develop a concrete tourist-cultural offer linked to the game thanks to the rooms of Sanremo, Siena, Venezia and Saint Vincent Done – all over the rest of the Peninsula.

The prospects? They are not the best

Difficult however Taormina’s request will be taken into consideration. Such acts have almost always been ignored (when not rejected) by the various Italian governments: to imagine that a government of ferry technicians may take the trouble of touching a consolidated system for decades is at least utopian. The only hope of cities such as Taormina is that the upcoming elections will bring about a strong and stable government that can take into account all the problems.

Richard Brunson Places Virgin Bingo at Gamesys

Richard Brunson Places Virgin Bingo at Gamesys

Bingo Friendzy company puts hand in the wallet and brings home nothing but Virgin Bingo!

Great changes in sight for one of the busiest online bingo halls now that Virgin Sir Richard Brunson’s guru has decided to break away from his bingo room by selling it (for an unspecified figure) to the Gamesys software development house.

The sale was confirmed by the two companies after the eGR magazine Magazine, already in early January, had published on its pages a report with which he was announcing it with details.

According to the magazine, for example, the transaction would also include a special agreement between the two companies that Gamesys would commit itself to developing social applications and real money for bingo as well as other products still hiding under the red umbrella Of Virgin.


The former property of the hall, Virgin Games, is a 100% owned billionaire by billionaire Richard Brunson – as the CEO and CEO of Virgin Group – still active in other areas of online gambling such as online casinos and poker .

The new era of Virgin Bingo, however, opens up to the name of Gamesys – a very controversial company in the last few months as it is also the one controlling the game Bingo Friendzy , past the news to be the first to bring bingo to Real money on Facebook for users connected to the UK.

According to a release published by Gamesys, the first changes in Virgin Bingo should arrive around April, when the hall could change platform and renew as much in the graphic as well as in its promotional policy.

Sir Richard Brunson has somehow “blessed” the outcome of the transaction by declaring that his company is “very happy that the Gamesys Group has acquired Virgin Bingo and decided to form a partnership that can build a major player in Global gaming market “.


In the cold lands of Albione, gambling is also so deeply rooted in the culture that it is now an integral part of life, even economic, of many citizens. The United Kingdom has been one of the first countries to open the doors to gamers, even online, and it is no coincidence that, in those parts, the offer is so varied to cover virtually every sub-sector.

From online casinos to online bingo – in fact – for online poker and especially for sports betting, in the UK you can play virtually everything. Without even forgetting groundbreaking casinos, they spread around the country every year, attracting hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts from all over Europe.

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